Applying to university


Outstanding support, 指导和鼓励贯穿学生在六年级的时间, 尤其是在申请大学的关键时期. The sixth form team and careers staff are on-hand to offer individual guidance on personal statements and the application process, and there is a thorough and carefully designed programme to guide and support each student through the entire process of making post-school and career choices.

The school careers department offers information and advice on every possible route after leaving the sixth form. 明升体育资源丰富的职业图书馆每天对8岁以上的学生开放.30am to 4.30pm during term time. Sixth form students are welcome to use the resources and arrange individual guidance appointments during free periods.

在申请之前好好研究是很重要的. Students are advised to supplement their on-line research by attending carefully selected university open days or taster courses.


In order to make the right choices students should expect to do a considerable amount of research as each individual will have a different set of criteria when finding the right course for them. Questions to ask include:

  • Which subjects really interest me?
  • What are my talents?
  • 我实际能取得什么成绩呢?
  • 我是想把课程组合起来还是只专注于一门?
  • 我想要一些工作经验作为我课程的一部分吗?
  • 我想出国留学作为我课程的一部分吗?
  • 我是否需要一门职业课程来为我的特定职业做准备?
  • 我希望如何被评估——考试、课程作业还是实践?
  • 我是想住在离家近的地方,还是想去国外?
  • 我想住在校园里,大城市还是农村?
  • 学费、住宿费、生活费、交通费要多少?
  • 哪些大学适合我的专业?
  • What are the facilities like?
  • 有各种各样的俱乐部、社团、社交活动吗?
  • What are my career goals?

Only after considering these sorts of questions to establish the criteria on which the choice is being made can a student start to find the right course at the right university for them - one where they will be happy and successful. 没有一所大学对所有人都是“最好的”.

明升体育鼓励学生与家人讨论他们的想法, friends, teachers, careers advisers and university admissions tutors (remembering that not all the information they receive will be impartial) before weighing up the evidence and making their decisions.

Applying to university

UCAS, 提供高等教育课程的所有英国大学和学院的官方网站, 这是课程研究的一个好的起点吗. The site offers guidance on choosing the right course and has links to the websites of all the higher education providers.

通过UCAS Apply在线申请大学. 有一个关于如何申请和跟踪申请的一步一步的指南. There is information for parents on how to support students to research and apply for courses and the option to sign up for regular newsletters. 大学的招股说明书可以在网上查看,通常还可以要求提供一份硬拷贝. 目前的招股说明书也保存在学校职业图书馆.

Entry requirements

在选择合适的课程时,了解UCAS的收费制度是很重要的, which is listed below, but the majority of Russell Group universities require specific grades to be achieved at A level in their offers to potential students. 对于其他国家,新征收的关税如下:

A Level

A*56 UCAS points
A48 UCAS points
B40 UCAS points
C32 UCAS points
D24 UCAS points
E16 UCAS points


A*28 UCAS points
A24 UCAS points
B20 UCAS points
C16 UCAS points
D12 UCAS points
E08 UCAS points

除了A Level的入学要求, students should check well in advance of their application whether they need to fulfill additional requirements. For example, many medical and dental schools require applicants to take the UK Clinical Aptitude Test or Biomedical Admissions Test as part of the admissions procedure.

越来越多的大学, including Oxford and Cambridge, 他们有自己的特定科目的入学考试,甚至可能要求特定的UMS平均分数. 一些法学院要求学生参加全国法律入学考试, 而申请音乐和表演艺术课程的学生可能需要准备试镜. Those applying for art and design related courses may be asked to email a mini portfolio shortly after submitting their application as well as providing a full portfolio of work if they are selected for interview.

Writing a personal statement

The personal statement is an opportunity to tell universities about your suitability for your chosen course. 提供热情和承诺的证据很重要, 并展示你如何从其他申请人中脱颖而出. Students begin work on personal statements as part of the post-school choices programme during lower sixth and receive on-going support from tutors.

Financing your degree

有关学费的最新情况, 助学金和贷款由英国学生资助局提供. Bursaries and scholarships are also available from universities and other organisations such as charities and businesses for students who meet specific criteria. Details of university funded bursaries and scholarships are available on individual university websites; The Scholarship Hub contains a useful database of scholarships based on a range of eligibility criteria such as academic merit, financial need and special skills.

Guides to student finance for both full-time and part-time students are produced by Martin Lewis together with Universities UK and can be downloaded from the MoneySavingExpert website. Tuition fee loans, but not maintenance loans, 现在是否适用于在职攻读本科学位的学生. 开放大学的网站上有课程费用和支付方式的详细信息.

Sponsored degrees

A number of companies offer sponsored degrees which involve a combination of study and periods of employment. 这些产品没有官方的注册,一般都在各个公司的网站上展示. 目前许多计划的详细信息可在职业图书馆和学生阶梯网站上找到.

Sponsored degrees can be a very attractive option for those who know what career they would like to pursue as they often provide full degree funding, work experience, 一份薪水和毕业后的职位. 然而,它们可能无法提供与全日制大学学习相同的体验.

Applications are usually made directly to the company rather than through UCAS so students can apply for these schemes in addition to their five UCAS choices. 申请程序通常包括在线测试、评估中心和面试.

Useful websites

Students are advised to regularly check individual university websites for the most up-to-date information on courses and entry requirements. The following websites are useful sources of information for students as they progress through the process of researching choices and making an application. There are also some excellent subject specific websites listed in the careers information section of our website.
大学和学院的官方招生网站. 一个巨大的网站,不断回来. 学生使用Apply和Track来制作和监控他们的在线申请.
This graduate website is also a fantastic resource for sixth form students considering university courses. Start with the options with your subject section to research the type of careers that different degrees can lead on to.
An independent site from Which? 帮助学生做出明智的选择. 您可以根据主题优化搜索, location, 兴趣等,还包括毕业生薪资数据, 收到录取通知的申请人数量等等.
包括大学选择和申请信息, league tables, 学生财务和个人陈述的例子.
The NHS business services authority site includes details of the NHS Student Bursary Scheme which is available to eligible students on some healthcare related degree courses.
Includes podcasts of university lecturers speaking on topics related to the A level curriculum and information on careers related to subject areas.
Guidance from the Russell Group of UK universities aimed at year 11 students making appropriate post-16 subject choices for a wide variety of university courses.